Up and Coming Altcoins

Before we move to our main discussion point let’s have a brief discussion about what is an Altcoin. All cryptocurrencies ICOs except the BTC is called Altcoins. In the previous years we have seen these Altcoins were playing their part only as the secondary market compared with the Bitcoin but later we noticed that with the launching of few good Altcoin the dynamics changes dramatically and the total market value of Bitcoin when we compare as % started to reduce. From over 90% to below 50% the share reduced significantly. We will here list of new coins coming out within the few months’ time period.

We have seen that the number of Altcoin launching is on the rise from the past few months and new launchings like of neo cryptocurrency ICO were seen during this time period.

Total number of Altcoins are over 1500 and some 500 more are expected this year as well.

Below are the top up and coming Altcoins.

MinedBlock: This is from the rare ICO belongs to the field of mining. This ICO will be here from now onwards to more than 3 months from now.

BitWin: This gambling related project will start after 4 weeks from now.

Cures token: This ICO will start in the first week of March. This project belongs to Health and medical field.

EreCoin: This manufacturing related project will launch on 30th April 2019.

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