ICO Exchanges

With the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies where it is really challenging the older conventional sources of payment, it really needs the help of side business as well to support it. One the mutually beneficial and necessary side business alongside the main ICOS is the ICO exchanges. Without these exchanges business model of ICOs like etn cannot properly run. The first exchange was launched a few years after the start of the crypto idea. In below you will find the need of these exchanges and how these exchanges work.

The ICO exchanges are the platforms where you can exchange one cryptocurrency into other. Here you can also change your cryptocurrency into the conventional currency like USD and Euro.

These exchanges work like the ICO secondary market alongside the main crypto business. These two markets are working in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Following are the best ICO exchanges to trust.

Altcoin.io: This is a new entrant in the crypto exchanges platforms. This exchange best work with atomic swap wallet. You can exchange currencies without the need of any third party on this platform.

Changelly: It is one of the most popular exchanges as of today. The best thing about this exchange is that it charges the fixed rate on each transaction. It charges 0.5% on each transaction.

Shapeshift.io: This is arguably the fastest exchange out there. You can exchange any cryptocurrency with another crypto. This is not for the dollar or other conventional currency. It works only crypto to crypto.

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